Consultation on the Bunhill, Barbican and Golden Lane Healthy Neighbourhood

The City of London Corporation and Islington Council are working in partnership on the long-term future of the Bunhill, Barbican and Golden Lane area. They would like your views on air quality, traffic, local streets and public spaces. This is early engagement to help them develop a plan. There will be
further engagement and consultation in the future as individual projects are developed.

Download the flyer for more details.

The engagement is open until 6th March 2023 and you can take part here.

Housing Net Zero Action Plan Workshop for Barbican residents

Etude, the City’s consultants, have been working with Barbican residents, the BA, and the RCC to produce an action plan which outlines a starting point from which to make detailed retrofit plans for each of the City’s housing estates, including the Barbican.

Etude will be running an online workshop for Barbican residents on Monday 5th July, 6.30-8pm via Zoom.

The workshop will give Barbican residents an opportunity to see the outcomes of the City and Etude’s net-zero housing retrofit action plan for the Corporation’s housing assets as a whole, and on the Barbican Estate in particular. This could be the first step to greener and more comfortable homes for Barbican residents.

This is an exciting time and we urge you to attend this important workshop that you can register for here.


Christopher Makin, Chair RCC
Adam Hogg, Chair BA

A zero carbon Barbican

City Corporation recently held a workshop to present its net zero carbon action plan with specific reference to the Barbican. Less than 20 residents attended. This is a copy of the presentation, which includes the result of the recent survey to which 40 residents responded.