Climate Action and Barbican Residents Webinar on Thursday 5th October 7pm

We’ve just gone from a heatwave to turning back on the heating. What better time to hold a Climate Action Webinar.

On Thursday 5th October 7pm The City of London’s Climate Action Team, the BA and the RCC will be holding a Climate Action Webinar. This will outline how the City Corporation will meet net zero in its own operations by 2027, in its value chain by 2040 and support the achievement of net zero of the Square Mile by 2040.We will then drill down to see how this impacts on Barbican residents, and will pay particular attention to our heating costs for the 23/24 season. Additionally we will look at potential interventions that could improve the effectiveness of our heating.

There’s much more detail here

The Webinar will be open access; there will be no need to register, but if you want to be kept in the loop you can provide your email address here.

The webinar joining instructions will be distributed next week.

Ted Reilly

Chair Underfloor Heating Working Party

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