About the Barbican Association

The Barbican Association (BA) is the recognised Tenants Association for the Barbican. Approximately 60% of its residents are members. It represents all who live here – leaseholders and their subtenants.

Barbican residents comprise approximately half of all residents within the City of London. The City consults with the BA on strategic developments such as Climate change, the Local Plan, Conservation, Planning, Traffic Management, Governance and Licensing.

The BA works in conjunction with the Barbican Residential Consultation Committee (RCC) which deals with the City (our landlord) on all matters pertaining to our leases. The Barbican provides a unique environment for residents. The BA’s role is to maintain, protect and enhance the Estate in many ways:

The Association produces two quarterly publications, the BA Newsletter and the Residents’ own lifestyle magazine – Barbican Life, both of which are delivered free of charge across the Estate.

The more members we have the more clout in our dealings with the City. 60% of residents is good, 85% is better. For £5 a year you can support the BA, which is intent on looking after your interests and you will recover your subscription in spades from the BA discount scheme with over 60 restaurants and services in the area.

So, if you are not already a member please join now.