Beech Street Zero Emission Scheme

The BA’s Beech Street working party prepared and submitted the below response to the Beech Street ZEZ and the wider area consultation…

… accompanied by a message from the BA Chair:

The Barbican Association has long advocated for a properly thought out, planned and funded whole area scheme to reduce pollution and manage traffic.

The current proposals do not provide this.

Our attached response cannot be interpreted as support for the latest proposal.

On the assumption that irrespective of our views the scheme will be implemented, we make recommendations that could ameliorate some of its negative aspects.

Beech Street Zero Emission Zone

The Future

The Barbican Association (BA) is committed to improving air quality and reducing traffic in the area around the Barbican and Golden Lane estates. Our long term objective is to see the implementation of the larger Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) which is outlined in the City of London Transport Strategy of May 2019. This envisages a ZEZ extending from London Wall north to Old Street and from Aldersgate Street east to Moorgate. This is an ambitious project, and the BA is keen to work with the City and other stakeholders to achieve its successful implementation. The intermediate steps necessary to reach this ultimate goal will need to be carefully managed and the BA plans to ensure that these steps are implemented with the minimum disruption to the residents of the Barbican and Golden Lane.

The Past

Although the experimental ZEZ, which has operated for the last eighteen months has brought benefits to many residents, the project has been bedevilled by the City’s many failures of detail and leadership. This has caused hardship and inconvenience to many residents, and the people that provide services to them. The BA has been critical of these failures. We hope lessons have been learned, but it is important to record the failures of the experiment, which will conclude on 18 September, to ensure that these lessons are not forgotten.

To this end we have prepared a short history of the evolution of the ZEZ, which is presented below. (Beech Street ZEZ Saga). Because some of the content might be contentious, we have shared this with the City, and they have produced a response (City Response). Both documents follow in full below.

Beech Street ZEZ Saga
Beech Street ZEZ – City Response

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