There are many great reasons to be a member of the Barbican Association. Can we tempt you to join?


Membership provides access to an exclusive discount scheme. Local Restaurants, personal trainers, dentists, and all manner of other shops and services, offer discounts to Barbican Association members. An up-to-date list of these can be found in your Barbican Association Newsletter, Barbican Life magazine, and on the Barbican Life website.

To take advantage of these discounts show your membership card on arrival or mention it when you are booking a table, and the discount will be deducted from your bill.

Make your voice heard

Support our work with your membership. You could also become a voice on one of our committees dealing with issues that involve us all, including: management of the estate; monitoring planning and licensing applications on our periphery; security; environment; and access.

Increase our influence

Even if you haven’t time to become involved, your membership ensures that we have a strong voice to represent your view in all these matters. Our influence depends on the size of our membership.

Great value

And, best of all, membership costs just £5 a year if you choose to pay by standing order. If you wish to pay by cheque the membership fee is £8. Taking advantage of the wide range of discounts provided as part of your membership allows you to recover the cost of your membership in as little as one or two transactions at local shops, dentists, restaurants and more!

How to join

Tempted now? To join the Barbican Association, simply fill in the form below, and either post or email it to us at the address on the form. Please consider signing up to a standing order subscription as this means a significant saving in administration.

Please note, the standing order mandate on the bottom of the form is to set up a standing order on your account to pay us yearly. Therefore, this needs to reach us in a condition that will be accepted by your bank when we hand it in.

Once this is set up we have no control over it, so you will need to cancel order if you decide to leave. Should you forget, any money accidentally paid to us can be refunded to you.