Podium Phase 2 Works – application now submitted

The planning applications for the Podium Phase 2 works have now been submitted. The relevant reference numbers are 22/01178/FULL and 22/01179/LBC (Listed Building Consent).

As you will undoubtedly be aware, the works are “for the installation of new waterproofing & drainage infrastructure. Works comprise the removal of existing tiled hard surfaces, membranes and soft landscaping, demolition of existing link building between Ben Jonson House and Frobisher Crescent, alterations to the existing entrance to Exhibition Hall including the construction of a new entrance portal, installation of a new waterproofing membrane across the site and the repair and replacement of drainage system and the reinstatement of a new tiled hard surface with a new soft landscaping layout……”

There is a huge amount of detail provided with the application which can be viewed on the Planning website on the links as shown above.

The Standard Consultation Expiry date for any comments/representations is shown as 10th February 2023. 

So is this finally the end of the yellow shed?

It certainly seems that it is and evidence of this is provided in many of the 100+ documents submitted with the application but the following two may be helpful in viewing the key elements of the plans – “Podium works link building demolition and plan” and the “Full public realm design illustrative master plan”.

This project has been subject to a long-standing consultation process and the proposals have been  displayed on the yellow shed between Frobisher Crescent and Ben Jonson House for some time. The Design & Access statements are always interesting, however, and Volume 1 and Volume 2 provide both some good historical context as well as the details of the necessity of the works.

So many blocked downpipes…..

It is probably worth pointing out that on Page 12 of Volume II in the section headed Downpipes, the following description can be found “The downpipes have been inspected by Flowfree. Of the 109 downpipes identified as starting at gully points within Phase 2 of the podium, 106 of them are partially or completely blocked. The pipes will need to be unblocked, repaired and/or replaced to allow the drainage system to function correctly”. This clearly explains why there is so much flooding on the Podium whenever it rains……but 106 of 109 sounds an excessively high proportion!  

For further information

Any further information can also be viewed here.

For any queries, please call 0800 772 0475 or email info@barbicanprojects.co.uk

Trial excavation holes on the Podium

Barbican Podium Phase 2 works

The Barbican Estate has applied for permission for the “Excavation of 43 temporary 500mm x 500mm trial hole investigations across the Barbican Podium, land above Beech Street”. The application reference number is 22/00825/LBC and the full details can be accessed here.

This is, clearly, all to do with the Barbican Podium Phase 2 (BPP2) works.

By way of reminder the BPP2 development “encompasses a series of waterproofing, demolition and public realm works to the upper podium of the Barbican Estate, specifically the section of the podium that is primarily located between Frobisher Crescent and Ben Jonson House, above Beech Street Tunnel….Phase 1 of this refurbishment was completed in 2015. The proposed BPP2 development comprises essential repair works to the existing podium structure of the Grade II listed Barbican to address significant water damage, resurfacing to remove and replace damaged and non-compliant tiles and the implementation of a new landscaping scheme that will increase the amount of greening to address biodiversity and climate action targets of the City of London (CoL). Extensive consultation has been undertaken with the CoL, heritage stakeholders and the public throughout the development of these proposals as part of an iterative design process….

Prior to the submission of applications for planning permission and listed building consent for the BPP2 works, it has been agreed with the CoL that a number of trial holes/pits will be excavated to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the structures immediately beneath the upper podium, including the waterproofing membranes. These investigations will inform the delivery of the wider landscaping works in due course, the warranties associated with such works and the maintenance regime of the space thereafter. As a result of the Grade II listed status of the Barbican Estate, Atkins Limited has prepared an application for Listed Building Consent to the City of London Corporation, in its capacity as the Local Planning Authority, for the excavation of 43x temporary trial holes to allow for the investigations detailed above”…….

For further information please read the Design, Access & Heritage Statement. The location plan for the trial holes can also be seen here.  

Anyone wishing to comment on this application can do so here.

The Standard Consultation Expiry date for comments on this application is 3rd October 2022

Phase 2 Podium Waterproofing

This is a copy of my piece on the above in the last BA Newsletter.

Phase 2 of the podium waterproofing is due to start Sept/October 2022 and last for approximately two years. The areas involved are Cromwell Highwalk, Breton Highwalk, Ben Jonson Place and the section of Beech Gardens not included in phase 1. 

These works are essential to stop water seeping into the properties below the podium namely the exhibition halls, the cinemas, restaurant and Beech Street.

But some good news here for those who feel the link building (“the Yellow Shed”) is a bit of an eyesore. It will be removed and once again the highwalks will flow as the architects intended.

All of the area is Grade 2* and listed building consent will be required right down to the tiles. However, unlike the first phase, many will be re-used. Vital to making the project a success is ensuring the drains are fully functioning. As anyone who walks around Beech Gardens after rain knows, paddling is often needed to cross areas of the tiles

CommComm is the PA company dealing with work. Arup the consulting engineers. The main contractor has yet to be appointed but Nigel Dunnett we be advising with planting, an important element of the scheme of course.

There is a huge potential for social value to be generated from the various contracts. However, I hope these will be short-lived.

Joanna Rodgers