Recent Letters from City of London to Lessees

Dear Barbican Lease Holders

All lessees will have received two letters from the Corporation on or around the 16th of August:

  1. An application to the First Tier Tribunal seeking dispensation from consultation from the City Solicitor.
  2. A Section 20 Notice of intention to enter into a qualifying long term agreement.

The two are related and refer to the City’s failure to consult in 2017 when setting up a contract to provide temporary labour.

As significant sums of money are involved the RCC and the BA are seeking legal advice on your behalf.

We will report back to you with more detail and advice on how we should respond to these letters as soon as possible.

Adam Hogg & Sandra Jenner

AGM 27th April 2023

The Barbican Association Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given of the

2023 Annual General Meeting 

Thursday 27 April, 2023, 7.00pm – 9.30pm

City of London School for Girls

St. Giles’s Terrace, off the junction of Wood Street and Fore Street, London EC2Y


1.         Claire Spencer Chief Executive Barbican Arts Centre

2.         Update on the BA’s work during the year

3.         Members’ questions

4.         Treasurer’s report

5.         Election of:


                        Honorary auditor

                        Nine General Council members

6.         Proposed change to the Constitution that RCC chair is a member of the GC

7.         Any other business

Socialising: wine and soft drinks will be served

The main decision-making body of the Association is the BA General Council, which consists of nine members and the honorary treasurer, elected at the AGM, along with representatives of affiliated house groups. The General Council meets about every two months. At the AGM existing council members stand down, and if there are more than nine candidates for election, a secret ballot is held at the meeting and the results declared at the meeting.

Both the honorary treasurer and auditor (the latter is not a member of the general council) are elected at the AGM. Other officers are appointed by the members of the general council at its first meeting following the AGM.

Please send details of any issues you would like discussed at the AGM to Adam Hogg (

Written nominations for the elected positions must be submitted (form enclosed) to Ted Reilly Deputy Chair no later than Tuesday 25 April 2023 via email

Candidates must be proposed and seconded, and the candidate must indicate that he or she is willing to stand.

Notification of representatives of affiliated house groups should reach the Deputy Chair no later than Tuesday 25 April 2023 via email


Membership is available on the door (£5)

Email updates frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions about the Barbican Association email list:

Can I be added to the list to receive email updates from the Barbican Association?

Yes! Anyone can join the BA email list (members, non-members, residents, non-residents…) – sign up using this online form.

Why have I not received an email from the BA since last April?

If you are a member of the BA, you may have received an email in April to invite you to the AGM. The terms you agreed to when you joined the BA allow the Membership Secretary to contact you only about:

  1. issues relating to your membership account, and
  2. to invite you to the AGM
    but nothing else.

If you want to receive other updates from the BA, you will need to give us your permission by signing up for our email list.

Why did I not receive the last email from the BA?

If you were previously receiving regular emails from the BA, you may have inadvertently unsubscribed using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the last email you received.

It’s also possible that, if you forwarded one of the BA emails to someone else, that they may have used that unsubscribe link, removing you from our list.

To make sure you are signed up to receive emails in the future, please fill in the sign-up form.

To avoid being accidentally unsubscribed in the future, please use the ‘forward to a friend’ link which will be contained in all future emails from the BA, rather than forwarding the email directly.

I’m a member of the Barbican Association, why am I not receiving emails from the BA?

The Barbican Association email list is completely separate from the membership database. The terms you agreed to when you joined the BA do not allow us to automatically add you to our email list so you will need to sign up using the online form.

The email list is also open to anyone whether or not they are a paid up member of the BA.

The terms you agreed to when you joined the BA do not allow us to automatically add you to our email list so you will need to sign up using the online form.

Why am I not receiving the extra emails with news about the Barbican Estate?

It’s possible you are thinking of the weekly emails sent out from the Barbican Estate Office (BEO).

The Barbican Association (BA) is a Registered Tenants’ Association, run for residents, by residents, all of whom volunteer in their roles.

The Barbican Estate Office is run by the City of London Corporation and is the base for many of the paid employees who manage the estate for the City, e.g. House Officers and estate engineers.

The BEO has its own email list and circulates emails on a weekly basis with practical information from The City of London about what’s happening on and around the estate.

The BA sends emails at least once a month to make sure residents are kept up to date about issues we are working on on your behalf, e.g. fighting planning proposals that will impact negatively on residents.

If you have any other questions about receiving emails from the Barbican Association, please get in touch.

And of course, to make sure you don’t miss any news from the Barbican Association, including details of residents’ meetings, make sure you’re subscribed to the email list!