New Barbican prohibition signs

The new Barbican Prohibition Signs finally received planning consent on the 6th July and have been ordered. There are enamel, colourful measuring 300mm x 600mm approx. 1 foot  high x 2 feet in width and scheduled to arrive by the end of August. 

The new signs will be sited in approved locations in the main ‘problem areas’ of the estate where skateboarding, parkour, cycling and other forms of anti-social incidents have occurred most frequently. Wherever possible they will be sited nearby to the existing byelaw signs.

They will be erected in the agreed locations across the estate in early September.

ASB Reporter – June Summary

The Barbican Estate Security Committee are pleased to have been able to launch the Anti-Social Behaviour Reporter last month and we are also encouraged to see that a number of residents from various houses across the estate have already started to use this bespoke website to record asb incidents.

Between 19th and 30th June a total of 44 asb incidents were reported. Totals by house and their % of the total were as follows:

Ben Jonson18 (40.9%)
Gilbert7 (15.9%)
Defoe4 (9.1%)
Bunyan Court4 (9.1%)
The Postern3 (6.8%)
Andrewes3 (6.8%)
John Trundle Court2 (4.5%)
Seddon1 (2.3%)
Breton1 (2.3%)
Willoughby1 (2.3%)

In terms of the number of incidents and type of asb activity reported, the results were as follows:

Skateboarding13 (29.5%)
Rowdy Behaviour8 (18.2%)
Parkour7 (15.9%)
Cycling7 (15.9%)
Loud Music/ 1 noisy moped7 (15.9%)
Roller Skating1 (2.3%)
Intimidating Behaviour1 (2.3%)

ASB Short Report for June 2021

The new ASB Reporter has been up and running for a few weeks and we now have the first report to share with you, showing the information gathered from residents so far.

As noted at the end of this report, please be aware that the ID numbers (the numbers in the first column) are not apartment numbers.

A direct link to the ASB Reporter can be found towards the top right-hand corner of every page of the BA website.

Read more about the ASB Reporter.

Security News Update

In the next few days Barbican residents will receive details with their post of the website address of an easy-to-use computer programme entitled Anti-Social Behaviour Reporter.

This has been developed by the Barbican Estate Security Committee for residents to record simply any anti-social behaviour incident they may witness across the estate.

The results will be used to help inform future decisions and policy changes both for residents and local enforcement agencies.

Watch out for your letter …