New Barbican prohibition signs

The new Barbican Prohibition Signs finally received planning consent on the 6th July and have been ordered. There are enamel, colourful measuring 300mm x 600mm approx. 1 foot  high x 2 feet in width and scheduled to arrive by the end of August. 

The new signs will be sited in approved locations in the main ‘problem areas’ of the estate where skateboarding, parkour, cycling and other forms of anti-social incidents have occurred most frequently. Wherever possible they will be sited nearby to the existing byelaw signs.

They will be erected in the agreed locations across the estate in early September.

Housing Net Zero Action Plan Workshop for Barbican residents

Etude, the City’s consultants, have been working with Barbican residents, the BA, and the RCC to produce an action plan which outlines a starting point from which to make detailed retrofit plans for each of the City’s housing estates, including the Barbican.

Etude will be running an online workshop for Barbican residents on Monday 5th July, 6.30-8pm via Zoom.

The workshop will give Barbican residents an opportunity to see the outcomes of the City and Etude’s net-zero housing retrofit action plan for the Corporation’s housing assets as a whole, and on the Barbican Estate in particular. This could be the first step to greener and more comfortable homes for Barbican residents.

This is an exciting time and we urge you to attend this important workshop that you can register for here.


Christopher Makin, Chair RCC
Adam Hogg, Chair BA