Beech Street Zero Emission Scheme

The BA’s Beech Street working party prepared and submitted the below response to the Beech Street ZEZ and the wider area consultation…

… accompanied by a message from the BA Chair:

The Barbican Association has long advocated for a properly thought out, planned and funded whole area scheme to reduce pollution and manage traffic.

The current proposals do not provide this.

Our attached response cannot be interpreted as support for the latest proposal.

On the assumption that irrespective of our views the scheme will be implemented, we make recommendations that could ameliorate some of its negative aspects.

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  1. I have a car parked in the garage on the 2nd level below Cromwell Tower and near to the Barbican Arts Centre entrance.
    I am wondering how I will be able to leave and return, if going south and west, without making a huge detour.

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