Podium Phase 2 Works – application now submitted

The planning applications for the Podium Phase 2 works have now been submitted. The relevant reference numbers are 22/01178/FULL and 22/01179/LBC (Listed Building Consent).

As you will undoubtedly be aware, the works are “for the installation of new waterproofing & drainage infrastructure. Works comprise the removal of existing tiled hard surfaces, membranes and soft landscaping, demolition of existing link building between Ben Jonson House and Frobisher Crescent, alterations to the existing entrance to Exhibition Hall including the construction of a new entrance portal, installation of a new waterproofing membrane across the site and the repair and replacement of drainage system and the reinstatement of a new tiled hard surface with a new soft landscaping layout……”

There is a huge amount of detail provided with the application which can be viewed on the Planning website on the links as shown above.

The Standard Consultation Expiry date for any comments/representations is shown as 10th February 2023. 

So is this finally the end of the yellow shed?

It certainly seems that it is and evidence of this is provided in many of the 100+ documents submitted with the application but the following two may be helpful in viewing the key elements of the plans – “Podium works link building demolition and plan” and the “Full public realm design illustrative master plan”.

This project has been subject to a long-standing consultation process and the proposals have been  displayed on the yellow shed between Frobisher Crescent and Ben Jonson House for some time. The Design & Access statements are always interesting, however, and Volume 1 and Volume 2 provide both some good historical context as well as the details of the necessity of the works.

So many blocked downpipes…..

It is probably worth pointing out that on Page 12 of Volume II in the section headed Downpipes, the following description can be found “The downpipes have been inspected by Flowfree. Of the 109 downpipes identified as starting at gully points within Phase 2 of the podium, 106 of them are partially or completely blocked. The pipes will need to be unblocked, repaired and/or replaced to allow the drainage system to function correctly”. This clearly explains why there is so much flooding on the Podium whenever it rains……but 106 of 109 sounds an excessively high proportion!  

For further information

Any further information can also be viewed here.

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