Roof Report 2017

This report was produced for Mr Paul Murtagh of the City of London Corporation for the express use in evaluating the condition of the current waterproofing of the Non-Langley roof areas.
The report is based upon the Langley site inspection survey undertaken in March 2017.

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  1. Thank you Helen. I read ‘B2 Barrel Vault roofs only- In average condition with 3-5 years of lifespan. Some maintenance work needed such as unblocking drainage and would benefit from cleaning of waterproofing. Note: Some have been coated in what
    appears to be simply a coat of paint or poor quality liquid system, which would negate the original guarantee.’ and looked at the pictures with interest. I can only imagine this is the cause of the damage to my kitchen and that any repairs since 2017 have been perfunctory. I am waiting to hear if the two issues I have had with the roof drains are in any way linked.

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