Extensive discussions have taken place over the experimental closure of Beech Street. The BA has recommended that, subject to proper consultation, the City of London Transport Strategy 2019 for a Zero Emissions Zone (ZEZ) around the Barbican and Golden Lane should be enacted as soon as possible.

The response of the City to our input has been disappointing. It seems unlikely that the larger ZEZ outlined above will be developed any time soon. The BA’s support for this scheme was conditional on a series of objectives. You can find them here in the BA’s response to the Beech Street scheme. It seems that many of these conditions will not be met. Urgent meetings are being held with City officers to determine whether the BA can continue to support this project.

Update 6th March 2023 – Beech Street Zero Emission Scheme – Bunhill, Barbican and Golden Lane Healthy Neighbourhoods – Reponse to consultation


  1. Fully support your positions especially those of data and displaced traffic onto London Wall as well as Fore St. Is it City’s intention to open up Fore St barrier permanently?

    Wallside resident.

  2. The whole future of road layouts and organisation in this area is under review by the City. Hopefully we’ll know more by mid-July

  3. The Beech Street tunnel traffic has been displaced to Aldersgate Street. Frequent lunchtime tailbacks results in worse air pollution for west facing Barbican residents.

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