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City Place House/City Tower

An application to demolish City Place House (55 Basinghall Street) and develop a new 12 storey office building has been approved by the City of London Planning & Transportation Committee. The new development will not only see a major expansion of the site’s footprint but will also bring the closure of the Highwalk from London Wall to Guildhall whilst construction work is taking place.

5G roll-out gathers pace

The roll out of 5G is gathering pace and the City has seen a spate of applications which have been submitted to install or upgrade the necessary equipment across the Square Mile. Two current applications submitted in the vicinity of the Barbican are from 1 London Wall Place and 45 Beech Street. Concerns, largely health and safety related, exist given the proximity to residential premises and residents can make any comments by clicking on the relevant links above

1 London Wall

It was disappointing to see the re-emergence of the application to install a pergola, furniture and lighting on the 10th floor of 1 London Wall given the very clear potential for noise disturbance for neighbouring properties. A number of objections have been lodged but, at the time of writing, no formal decision has yet been taken by the City’s Planning Dept.  


The consultation period for the Local Plan 2036 has now ended. The BA formed a working group and has submitted a formal response.

The City of London Corporation’s consultation on the Barbican and Golden Lane Conservation Area Character Summary and Management Strategy has also now ended. This document describes the special character and appearance of the Conservation Area and sets out how it is applied in the Planning Process and residents were invited to comment. The BA has submitted a formal response

London Wall West

The City has announced that the Centre for Music development will not be progressed and that there will be a “major renewal of the Barbican Centre”. This clearly raises questions as to the future of the current Museum of London site, particularly since the future of the neighbouring Bastion House site is also under discussion. The area is now known as London Wall West. A BA working group has been established to monitor developments and is having regular meetings with the City to discuss its future.

Behavioural signage

Approval has finally been granted for the replacement of behaviour signage across the Barbican Estate. The signs are 600mm wide and 300mm high and are to be placed at 30 strategic locations around the Estate, chosen so as to be visible from entrances on to the Highwalks. We hope that their installation will take place soon and will help to deter cycling, skateboarding and other anti-social behaviours around the Estate. 

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