Planning Matters

Current issues and updates

Ironmongers’ Hall

Ironmongers’ Hall is seeking renewed permission to build a two-storey extension to its existing office building. The proposal has been granted planning permission twice before.

1 London Wall

1 London Wall is seeking permission to create a new roof terrace on the 10th floor for use by members of staff and private functions and events. Objections have been submitted.

Bastion House and the Museum of London

A BA working group has been established to monitor this site and will have quarterly meetings with the City.

Local Plan

Further consultation on the Local Plan 2036 is now underway. The BA has formed a working group to respond to it.

Centre for Music

The City has announced that the Centre for Music development will not be progressed and that there will be a “major renewal of the Barbican Centre”. A competitive selection process to find “a world-class architect-led team to take this project forward will be launched later this year”. This clearly raises questions as to the future of the current Museum of London site, particularly since the future of the neighbouring Bastion House site is also under discussion.

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