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2 London Wall Place

We are pleased to advise that the owners of 2 London Wall Place, in their application for the change of use of the vacant first floor space from retail to office, requested that the City impose a condition restricting the hours of use of the terrace to between 8am and 9.30pm, thus removing concerns over potential noise nuisance.

The City has duly approved both the change of use and the imposition of this condition so as to safeguard the amenity of the adjoining premises and the area generally in accordance with policies DM15.7 and 21.3 of the Local Plan

Amazon Logistics Hub

A reconsultation for the change of use of part of the underground carpark in London Wall to an Amazon last mile delivery hub has been submitted. As previously noted, given the height restrictions, the Amazon trucks cannot actually enter the car park and the proposed unloading bay is the drop-off point situated by the remains of the Roman Wall and the pedestrian access to the site and gardens.

No major amendments have been made to this re-submitted application and we have therefore re-submitted our objections, principally citing loss of residential amenity, danger to pedestrians, increased traffic flows and inappropriate location abutting as it does both an historic site and a Grade II and Grade II* residential estate and gardens.

1 Golden Lane

A consultation website has been launched regarding the refurbishment of 1 Golden Lane which contains more information about the proposals for the site and a survey for interested parties to provide their feedback.

The website is available to view at:

Consultations (1)

The consultation period for the Local Plan 2036 has ended. The BA formed a working group and submitted a formal response.

The City of London Corporation’s consultation on the Barbican and Golden Lane Conservation Area Character Summary and Management Strategy has also ended. This document describes the special character and appearance of the Conservation Area and sets out how it is applied in the Planning Process and residents were invited to comment. The BA submitted a formal response

Consultations (2)

The City of London Corp is looking to redevelop the site at London Wall West which currently houses the Museum of London and Bastion House. The public consultation on the early proposals has been launched.

These proposals will have profound implications for local residents, particularly those in the vicinity of the redevelopment site. We urge residents to visit the website, participate in the consultation process and make their voices heard. The site can be accessed and feedback given here      

The consultation period ends on 31 December 2021

Consultations (3)

The City’s consultation on the proposed Environmental Enhancements to Moor Lane also closes on 31st December 2021. Moor Lane is close to us and important not only to those residents in its closest vicinity but also to all of us in terms of aesthetics, wellbeing, air quality, traffic and footfall management. The current plans show significant changes to those approved back in 2012, not least with a major reduction in greening and proposed planting scheme so that 42 security bollards can be installed at 21 Moorfields.

This is the residents’ chance to advocate for Moor Lane to be a wonderful green and quiet environment adjacent to our Estate. Feedback can be submitted on-line here

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