What the BA’s Planning and Licensing Subcommittee does

What is the Subcommittee’s brief?

To monitor, assess and discuss proposals for planning developments within the Barbican Estate and beyond which are likely to have a material effect upon the enjoyment by Barbican residents of their homes and the setting and environment of this Grade II and Grade II* listed Estate generally.

For commercial developments attention will be paid to the protection of residential amenity as detailed in, inter alia,

  • The Local Plan
  • The draft City Plan 2036
  • The Barbican Listed Building Management Guidelines
  • Various Conservation Area Supplementary Planning Documents
  • The Climate Action strategy (embedded carbon/retrofit v. demolish) and
  • Urban Greening levels.

For residential applications where Listed Building Consent is being sought, attention will be paid primarily to

  • The Barbican Listed Building Management Guidelines
  • The terms of the lease

To monitor, assess and discuss licensing applications which are likely to have a material effect upon the enjoyment by Barbican residents of their homes and may cause harm to the environment of the Estate, under the Licensing Act 2003. Attention will be paid to:

  • The Licensing Act 2003
  • The City of London’s Statement of Licensing Policy 2017
  • The Business & Planning Act 2020 (ref. pavement licences)

To report to the Barbican Association’s General Council and any other interested parties on pending planning and licensing applications and any recommended course of action.

To draft the objections, if they are considered appropriate, on behalf of the Barbican Association and to present the objections, where appropriate, on behalf of the BA at the relevant City of London Planning & Transportation Committee or Licensing Committee meeting.

To advise the BA and House Groups on both the preparation of effective planning and licensing objections and to monitor any developments in their close proximity.

Current Planning & Licensing Subcommittee Members
Jane SmithChair
Sue CoxDeputy Chair
Fred Rodgers *
Other house group members may also get involved, as may be relevant to specific planning developments in their close proximity.
*Planning Committee only

How issues are communicated to residents

The Planning and Licensing Committee regularly distributes the weekly planning application lists published by the City of London to Barbican Association General Council members and other interested parties and highlights any applications which may be of concern to residents. It will also highlight any relevant licensing applications made.

It is then the responsibility of the House Groups to notify the residents in their individual blocks of such applications and ask residents to submit objections if they feel it appropriate.

Letters are sometimes also sent from the City of London to those residents who may be impacted by proposed new developments in their particular area.

The number of objections lodged against any application is clearly significant as greater numbers increase the likelihood of the objections being debated by either the Planning & Transportation or the Licensing Committee rather than ignored.

When objecting, it is however very important that individuals write their own objections. Templates are not received well by planning officers.

Working groups

Once a planning application is approved, we establish working groups to engage with the developers to negotiate changes that can make all the difference for residents living near large building sites for several years.

As with the developer, the occupier of the new building invariably wishes to be a good neighbour and so we engage with them to create a management plan that sets reasonable expectations for both parties.

Communications with developers and site managers are maintained via working groups primarily comprising representatives from the neighbouring residential blocks who monitor any on-site issues and help to protect residential amenity.

Current working groups
21 Moorfields
Tenter House
The Denizen
CoLPAI (City of London Primary Academy Islington)
1 London Wall Place
2 London Wall Place
WeWork, 1 Fore Street Avenue
Bastion House, London Wall
1-12 Long Lane
150 Aldersgate Street
Please contact either Jane Smith or Sue Cox if you would like to join or make contact with any of these working groups