Creating a Better Barbican

Please help create a Better Barbican by volunteering to join the Leaseholder Service Charge Working Party that:

  1. Works with City Officers to improve the City’s processes and policies that ensure service charges provide good value when delivering the services defined in our Service Level Agreements
  2. Examines leaseholder service charges and the basis of their calculation, ensuring that information about service charges is transparent and is communicated effectively to residents and the Barbican Residents’ Consultation Committee (RCC)  

Membership of the working party is for three years. Residents with specialist knowledge and experience are particularly welcome.

The Service Charge Working Party reports quarterly to the RCC and its work covers six key areas:

  1. Reviewing and commenting on the service charge reports to be presented to the RCC 
  2. Examining past service charge expenditure to compare with current or planned levels of expenditure
  3. Reviewing draft service charge budgets and discussing with officers the basis on which these estimates have been made
  4. Engaging with officers to understand the processes and policies around achieving value for money within the service charge
  5. Considering whether more forecasting is required and review what is and isn’t currently forecasted
  6. Forwarding any relevant comments that may impact on service delivery to the Working Parties of the RCC including the Asset Maintenance Working Party and Service Level Agreement Working Party

If you would like to know more, or would like to volunteer, please email by Friday 15 July stating:

  • Your name
  • The skills/knowledge you have to offer
  • The areas of the working party’s activities to which you aim to contribute
  • That you will take the Minutes on a rotational basis
  • If you are a current/prior member of this or another Barbican Working Party

Current and prior members of this working party are welcome to apply as their valuable knowledge will complement the fresh perspectives brought by new members. Decisions on membership will be made by the residents delegated by the Barbican Residents’ Consultation Committee.

Thank you for helping to create a Better Barbican.

Christopher Makin

Chair Residents’ Consultation Committee (RCC)

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