ASB reporter – May Summary

A total of 63 incidents were reported for May, however as 2 incidents were merely descriptive and no asb action reported; the official total for May is 61.

This represents an increase of 38.6% on the previous month’s total of 44 incidents.

Totals by house and their % of the total were as follows:

Ben Jonson35 (55.6%)
Frobisher Crescent12 (19%)
Gilbert7 (11.1%)
Thomas More4 (6.3%)
Shakespeare Tower2 (3.2%)
Lambert Jones Mews1 (1.6%)
Defoe1 (1.6%)
John Trundle Court1 (1.6%)

In terms of the number of incidents and type of asb activity reported, the results were as follows:

Parkour26 (42.7%)
Cycling18 (29.6%)
Rowdy behaviour5 (8.3%)
Skateboarding2 (3.3%)
Noisy – loud talking2 (3.3%)
Noisy –alcoholic drinks party in
1 (1.6%)
Vehicle nuisance noise – moped1 (1.6%)
Children playing football1 (1.6%)
Tricks on scooter – non-electric1 (1.6%)
Loud motor cycle1 (1.6%)
e-scooter1 (1.6%)
Rollerskating1 (1.6%)

Will residents please continue to report any asb incidents they may observe/witness until, at least, the 20th June 2022* as this will provide us with a full year’s data with which to persuade the Corporation to introduce additional measures to help deter anti-social behaviour from occurring across the estate.

*The Barbican Association’s General Council has agreed that reporting should carry on beyond this date – until further notice – as most asb incidents occur during the summer months each year.

David Bradshaw

Chair, Barbican Estate Security Committee


By David Bradshaw

Chair, Barbican Estate Security Committee

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