ASB Reporter – July summary

There were 137 asb incidents reported for the month of July. This represents an increase from the June total of 44, however, June was the month of launch and asb incidents were only recorded from the 19th to the 30th June. Totals by house and their % of the total were as follows:

Ben Jonson58 (42.4%)
Shakespeare Tower24 (17.5%)
Andrewes10 (7.3%)
Bryer Court9 (6.6%)
Gilbert8 (5.8%)
The Postern6 (4.4%)
Bunyan Court5 (3.6%)
Cronwell Tower4 (2.9%)
John Trundle Court4 (2.9%)
Breton3 (2.2%)
Lauderdale Tower2 (1.5%)
Frobisher Crescent2 (1.5%)
Thomas More1 (0.7%)
Defoe1 (0.7%)

In terms of the number of incidents and type of asb activity reported, the results were as follows:

Skateboarding33 (24.1%)
Rowdy behaviour23 (16.9%)
parkour22 (16.1%)
cycling16 (11.7%)
Loud music15 (10.9%)
e-scooter/moped/motorised bicycle7 (5.1%)
Men boxing/sparing loudly4 (2.9%)
Shouting/paddling in Dolphin Fountain4 (2.9%)
Damage/littering/broken beer bottle2 (1.5%)
Vandalism/moving a bench/graffiti2 (1.5%)
Loud drunks2 (1.5%)
Men drinking 7 shouting; dog off lead1 (0.7%)
Trespass/climbing1 (0.7%)
Intimidating behaviour1 (0.7%)
Flying drone1 (0.7%)
Unspecified alleged drug use1 (0.7%)
Young men “chopping up” what may have been
1 (0.7%)
Unspecified asb activity1 (0.7%)

Full details of the incidents reported during July 2021 can be found on the BA website at under the News section for Security & Safety.

Deputy David Bradshaw C.C.

Chair, Barbican Estate Security Committee

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