ASB reporter – July summary

A total of 43 incidents were reported for July. This represents a decrease of 21.8% on the previous month’s total of 55 incidents.

Totals by house and their % of the total were as follows:

Gilbert14 (32.6%)
Ben Jonson12 (27.9%)
Frobisher5 (11.6%)
Shakespeare Tower3 (7%)
Andrewes3 (7%)
Thomas More2 (4.7%)
Defoe1 (2.3%)
Cromwell Tower1 (2.3%)
Mountjoy1 (2.3%)
John Trundle Court1 (2.3%)

In terms of the number of incidents and type of asb activity reported, the results were as follows:

Rowdy behaviour11 (25.6%)
Parkour6 (13.9%)
Skateboarding5 (11.6%)
Loud Music4 (9.3%)
Noisy talking/shouting3 (7.0%)
Noisy ‘tricks’2 (4.7%)
Cycling2 (4.7%)
Scooters on Podium2 (4.7%)
E-scooters on Podium2 (4.7%)
Noisy vehicle – service road1 (2.3%)
Loud music – passing card1 (2.3%)
Roler skating1 (2.3%)
Noisy drinkers1 (2.3%)
Loud music – 140 A. St. Office Party1 (2.3%)
Noisy Cote delivery1 (2.3%)

The Committee and I are currently analysing the full year’s data; following which we will prepare a report with which we hope to persuade the Corporation to introduce additional measures to help deter anti-social behaviour from occurring across the estate.

Meantime, The Barbican Association’s General Council has agreed that reporting should carry on until further notice as most asb incidents normally occur during the summer months each year.

David Bradshaw

Chair, Barbican Estate Security Committee


By David Bradshaw

Chair, Barbican Estate Security Committee

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