ASB Reporter – January Summary

There were 61 asb incidents reported for the month of January; representing a considerable increase on December’s total of 26 and back to the same number recorded for November ’21.

Ben Jonson26 (42.62%)
Gilbert22 (36.06%)
Speed3 (4.92%)
Cromwell Tower3 (4.92%
Andrewes2 (3.28%)
Shakespeare Tower1 (1.64%)
Lauderdale Tower1 (1.64%)
John Trundle Court1 (1.64%)
Breton1 (1.64%)
Bunyan1 (1.64%)

Totals by house and their % of the total were as follows

In terms of the number of incidents and type of asb activity reported, the results were as follows:

Extremely noisy motor cycle23 (37.70%)
Parkour10 (16.39%)
Skateboarding10 (16.39%)
Cycling6 (9.84%)
Rowdy behaviour3 (4.92%)
Noisy groups on lakeside2 (3.28%)
E-scooter1 (1.64%)
Dog owned by resident1 (1.64%)
Noisy art centre visitors1 (1.64%)
Public urination1 (1.64%)
Loud music1 (1.64%)
Faeces on lakeside terrace1 (1.64%)
Dog off leash

The majority of complaints this time at 37.7% of the total recorded relate to an extremely noisy motor cycle that apparently regularly sets off from the Barbican very early in the morning(s) and disturbs a number of residents in various houses across the estate.

City of London Police have been requested to look into this nuisance.

Deputy David Bradshaw C.C.

Chair, Barbican Estate Security Committee


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