ASB Reporter – February Summary

There were 32 asb incidents reported for the month of February; representing a considerable increase on January’s total of 61. Indeed, approaching some 50% less.

Totals by house and their % of the total were as follows:

Ben Jonson14 (43.7%)
Frobisher Crescent7 (21.9%)
Defoe5 (15.6%)
Andrewes2 (6.3%)
John Trundle Court2 (6.3%)
Breton1 (3.1%)
Bunyan1 (3.1%)

In terms of the number of incidents and type of asb activity reported, the results were as follows:

Parkour7 (21.8%)
Cycling6 (18.7%)
Noisy motor cycle4 (12.5%)
Loud music3 (9.4%)
Skateboarding2 (6.3%)
Cycling with loud music2 (6.3%)
Rowdy behaviour2 (6.3%)
Unspecified2 (6.3%)
Loud music & dancing1 (3.1%)
Intimidating behaviour1 (3.1%)
Noisy behaviour1 (3.1%)
Noisy car revving1 (3.1%)

Some Barbican residents, especially those wishing to sell their properties and move on, have expressed concern regarding fuller details of asb incidents being reported. They feel that such data portrays the estate in a negative way. It has therefore been decided not to provide this information on the Barbican Association’s website. This information, however, will continue to be collected and forwarded to the City of London Police and Barbican Estate Management.

It is intended to continue asking residents to report any asb incidents they may observe/witness until the 19th June 2022 as this will mean that we will have a full year’s data with which to persuade the Corporation to introduce additional measures to help deter anti-social behaviour from occurring across the estate.

Deputy David Bradshaw C.C.

Chair, Barbican Estate Security Committee


By David Bradshaw

Chair, Barbican Estate Security Committee

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