ASB Reporter – December summary

There were 26 asb incidents reported for the month of December. This represents a decrease of some 57% as compared to the previous month’s total of 61 and is the third successive month to show a decrease in the number of reported incidents. This welcome reduction, as commented on before, is almost undoubtedly due to a change in the weather as we continue into the colder, darker, months of Winter.

Totals by house and their % of the total were as follows:

Ben Jonson12 (46.14%)
Frobisher Crescent6 (23.07%)
Gilbert2 (7.69%)
Andrewes1 (3.85%)
Bryer Court1 (3.85%)
Cromwell Tower1 (3.85%)
Defoe1 (3.85%)
John Trundle Court1 (3.85%)
Thomas More1 (3.85%)

In terms of the number of incidents and type of asb activity reported, the results were as follows:

Cycling11 (42.3%)
Parkour5 (19.23%)
Skateboarding5 (19.23%)
Loud music2 (7.69%)
Noisy behaviour1 (3.85%)
E-scooter1 (3.85%)
Nuisance – pressing door bell at 3am1 (3.85%)

Full details of the incidents reported during October 2021 can be found on the BA website at under the News section for Security & Safety.

Deputy David Bradshaw C.C.

Chair, Barbican Estate Security Committee

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