ASB reporter – December summary 2023

There were 24 reported asb incidents during December. However, one incident of fireworks, which occurred in November, had been reported on 31st December by a Thomas More Resident and a resident of Speed House had reported on a noisy motorcycle 3 times on the same date & time – these 3 incidents account for one incident only which therefore means that the total number of asb incidents for December is 21, which is essentially double the number of incidents reported on during the same period a year ago.

Totals by house and their percentage of the total were as follows:

  SPEED  10 (41.7%)
  WILLOUGHBY  3 (12.5%)
  THOMAS MORE  2 (8.3%)
  BEN JONSON  1 (4.2%)
  BUNYAN COURT  1 (4.2%)
  CROMWELL TOWER  1 (4.2%)

The type of asb incident(s) were somewhat skewed by the same Speed House resident, referred to above, by reporting the same incident of a noisy motorcycle on 10 separate occasions over a period of 7 days.

Noisy motorcycle in Silk Street10 (41.7%)
Skateboarding2 (8.3%)
Cycling2 (8.3%)
FOREST & LIME e bikes abandoned2 (8.3%)
Parkour2 (8.3%)
Delivery cyclist1 (4.2%)
Vandalism/graffiti1 (4.2%)
Noisy GSMD students & patrons1 (4.2%)
Intimidating behaviour1 (4.2%)
Youths firing rocket fireworks1 (4.2%)
Rowdy behaviour1 (4.2%)

A report based on 12 months data June 2021 to June 2022 together with findings & recommendations of the Barbican Estate Security Committee has been provided to appropriate Corporation Members & Officers and discussions are ongoing – as an initial outcome a Task/Finish Joint Action Group was formed and met, just once, in December last year.

This group has since been replaced with a new “ASB Strategic Meeting”. Unlike the previous group, however, this is not an open meeting – Decision taken for BEO’s Residents Service Team to produce an information leaflet for residents, revisiting and advising them of who to contact, for which type of anti-social behaviour and a brief explanation of what they should expect from making such contact. AWAITED.

Meantime, please continue to report any anti-social behaviour you may witness occurring across the estate. Any crime, such as phone, bag or laptop snatching should be reported directly to the City of London Police and not included here.

Please remember that the intention of the ASB Reporter is purely to gather evidence of anti-social behaviour. Therefore, if you witness an asb incident please use the website to record the event but if immediate action is also required then you should follow normal procedure such as calling the Police on

101 (or 999 but only if URGENT); Barbican Estate Office; City Noise Team etc…

If it is the City of London Police that you call, it is essential that you are provided with a reference/case number – please include this case number in the “action taken” section of the ASB Reporter. IF YOU DO NOT this incident will not be “officially” counted and the police will assume that no additional measures or activity is required.

David Bradshaw – Chair, Barbican Estate Security Committee

1st January 2024

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