Window Survey Reports

As you know, window replacements are a huge part of our service charges.

For two years now residents have been asking for a project to be organised which rolls out efficiently costed replacements and/or repairs.

Property Services have, to our understanding, commissioned 4 surveys which incorporate window frames. The RCC has managed to obtain the reports from the surveys but flat numbers have been redacted so not as useful as they could be. Please find the links to the reports as follows:

  • The Savills stock condition survey. The RCC has been given access to summary reports.
  • The K+M “survey while decorating the externals” survey. The RCC has asked for these reports.
  • Keldea terrace blocks top floor window frames survey. The RCC has been given access to the block by block reports
  • Abseiling survey (perhaps the contractor was Martech but nothing mentioned other than in the block reports) after the RCC pointed out that Keldea had failed to survey the frames not accessible via balconies. The windows like this are only on the blocks north of Beech Street.

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  1. The redaction of flat numbers prevents a proper audit of the work for which we have been charged. I believe we are entitled to the detail so that we can check the work. The redaction means that even the leaseholder of the flat concerned does not know what the work has cost.

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