Underfloor heating


The Residents’ Consultation Committee’s (RCC) Underfloor Heating Working Party (UHWP) is making slow but positive progress in ensuring that our heating delivers comfort at reasonable cost.

The seasonal load transfer experiment is proceeding successfully. The next step is to see whether intra-day load shifting can be achieved at no cost.

As part of the RCC’s plans to improve resident involvement the membership of the UHWP has been refreshed. After several years of valuableservice four members of the working party have stood down, and four new members with new and valuable expertise will join.

The UHWP is working closely with the Barbican Association’s climate action team.

Every morning just after 8:30 the previous 24 hours heating data are posted here on the BA’s website.

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  1. My insurers require the temperature in the flat to not fall below 10 degrees between October and April. Do we know if the communal heating meets those requirements please? 315 Willoughby House

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