Barbican Estate: the next 50 years

In 2019, the Barbican celebrated its 50th anniversary. The BA and the Residents’ Consultation Committee jointly canvassed the House Groups, which represent the views of our residents, on how they see the estate and its future over the next 50 years. Some common themes emerged:

  • We are delighted to live in an icon of ‘modernist’ architecture which is justly world-famous
  • Though we share the estate with the arts and education facilities, amongst others, the Barbican is principally a residential estate
  • Preservation of the architectural integrity of the whole estate is essential
  • Long term planning of all aspects (private and public) of the running of the estate is required
  • We and the estate will have to adapt to accommodate and minimise climate change
  • We recognise that sensitive development must happen and that we must actively seek means of upgrading our homes to maintain quality of life over the next 50 years
  • We need to be more pro-active on ways to deliver resident aspirations
  • We must constantly seek more efficient and effective means of delivering services to residents

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