Update on the future of the Concierge / Car Park Attendant Service

Dear residents

Future of Concierge/Car Park Attendant Service

We write to update you on progress. The Leaseholder Service Charge Working Party (LSCWP) was charged with seeking opportunities to make savings, without reducing levels of service, to offset any additional costs to residents incurred from maintaining the Car Parking arrangements.

The BEO has provided the LSCWP with much of the information requested and subject to some points requiring further clarification is coming to the end of its study.

Whilst the LSCWP did not find any quick wins, it has identified potential opportunities to make significant savings which we believe could be sufficient to offset the Car Parking arrangements. These savings will not affect the delivery of current agreed services. The next stage in the process will be to work with the BEO to realise them.

Whilst these discussions are going on we have requested that there should be no changes to the Car Parks and that there is no question of any further levy on residents.

The Barbican Residential Committee charged the BEO to produce a number of alternative proposals for the Car Parks. These are still awaited.

Michael Bennett, Head of the Barbican Estate retired at the end of March the appointment of his successor provides an opportunity to enhance the management, the efficiency and the effectiveness of the BEO. We have stressed this with senior Officers.

The ‘levy’ averaging £127 per flat (excluding Tower blocks who pay 100% of their Concierge costs) that was agreed last year has not yet been added to our service charges.


Christopher Makin
Chair Residents’ Consultation Committee
Adam Hogg
Chairman Barbican Association


  1. The porter at Defoe House is essential to the service of Shakespeare Tower, because without the Defoe House porter’s cabin, many deliveries will not be re-routed to the base of the tower and the intercom there.
    It therefore seems reasonable that Shakespeare Tower pays a part of the Defoe House car park attendant’s costs.

  2. Please can you tell me what savings you have identified and how you can be sure they will not affect current services? Does this mean they will affect future services?
    It is impossible to comment without details such as how much we can save and for which services.

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