The Turret application back for re-consultation

Re-consultation of application to convert the Turret into residential dwelling

Yes, Groundhog Day strikes once again. Many of you will have received notice that this application (ref: 20/00272/LBC) has gone to re-consultation “due to time lapsed since application submitted”.  Details of the application and previous objection letters can be read here.

 There is a long history attaching to this application which can be read on Barbicantalk. As a quick reminder as to what is being proposed this link will take you to the architect’s website where the conversion plans are discussed

Brief summary

In brief, this application first appeared in 2008 (ref: 08/00030/FULL; 08/00029/LBC). It was not approved by the City of London’s Planning Committee but the applicant appealed and the decision was overturned. No works however were carried out at the site.

The application re-appeared in 2016 (ref: 16/00768/FULL; 16/00770/LBC) and was approved in May 2017. Again, no works were carried out at the site and due to the time lapsed since approval was granted, the application appeared yet again in 2020 (ref: 20/00271/FULL; 20/00272/LBC).

And now we have yet another re-consultation, albeit that there appears to be no additional information or changes made to the application.

Many objections lodged

Many objections were lodged against all of these applications, predominantly on the grounds of inappropriate development in a Grade II and Grade II* listed estate which gained Conservation Area status in 2018, loss of residential amenity and the proposed use of inappropriate materials alien to the Barbican palette.

So it’s time to dust off those old objection letters again. The turret is clearly an important architectural feature of the Estate and the application therefore requires close scrutiny, not least in relation to design and materials. As Historic England states “Although conservation areas mean some extra planning controls and considerations, these exist to protect the historic and architectural elements which make the place special”. Precisely.

Representations to be made by 14th June

Any representations should be made within 21 days of the date of the letter ie. by next Tuesday 14th June 2022. Objections can be made via the following link

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