The City’s proposed reduction in car park staff/services: the BA’s response

Andrew Carter Chief Officer/Executive Director Community & Children’s Services has suggested opening parallel discussions with residents on the Corporation’s Plans to reduce the number of Car Park Attendants and close a car park.

The Barbican Association and the Residents Consultation Committee are working together on this and have responded as follows in the email below

Dear Andrew

Thank you for your request for potential suggestions for a parallel consultation with residents.

We are very keen to resolve what we see as two separate issues:

  • The failure of the consultation process
  • The Car Parks and the service provided by the CPAs

The Barbican Association and the Residents’ Consultation Committee are the two groups representing our residents and we are working together on this.

At first instance we, the respective chairs and our deputies, would like to meet with you, appropriate officers and the Chair of the BRC to discuss the first: what went wrong, how do we resolve it and what must we do to make sure this does not happen again?

With regard to the second we suggest that we set up a joint working party with no more than 10 members, to contribute rather than observe, to examine all the issues, from overcapacity, future use of the space, the role of CPA’s and their provision of services to residents. Its prime objective should be to save money whilst maintaining the amenity.

I know you are aware that a lot of heat has been generated over this. We need to reassure residents that we are seeking resolution to the problems by meeting with you as soon as is practicable. We hope, that in the interest of transparency, you would not object to us posting this letter on the Barbican Association Web site.

Adam Hogg Chair BA                     Christopher Makin Chair RCC

We will keep you informed on progress on this site.

Adam and Christopher

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