Tenter House – new design proposals

The recent public exhibition presented the updated plans for Tenter House.

By way of reminder, planning permission was granted to redevelop the Tenter House building in 2020. This scheme comprised a new 19 storey office building and improvements to the public realm. Since the scheme received permission, the developers have indicated that “further opportunities have been identified through discussions with Brookfield for greatly enhanced accessibility and permeability within the plaza, achieved by removing the existing Tenter House car park and ramp, then lowering the raised portion of Citypoint Plaza. A consequence of these discussions is an updated scheme which we are now presenting for consultation. While we consult on these plans we are progressing with the existing permission, conducting preparatory works which will be followed by demolition works in the new year”.

The developers claim that the new proposals “build upon the previous planning consent with some minor changes that bring major benefits”.

So what are these “minor changes”?

Shape of building changed

The shape of the proposed new building has changed, with the height reduced at Moorfields (to remain at the same height as the existing building) but increased at the centre. As a result, the developers state that “the building now has a slimmer, more elegant shape that will lessen the ‘wall’ effect along Citypoint Plaza”.

Improved public spaces   

By removing the ramp at the Eastern end of the site and dropping the level of Citypoint Plaza, not only will a much improved route from Moorgate to the Barbican be created but significant improvements to the public spaces around Citypoint Plaza will also be enabled.  Urban greening will be increased, including more substantial garden areas that can accommodate trees and shrubs. The urban greening has been developed to provide a major, accessible garden at the 14th floor, and on the lower levels of the east and west elevation.

The treatment of New Union Street remains prioritised as a pedestrian route with access for service vehicles controlled by automated rising bollards. In addition to removing stairs, ramps and other clutter associated with the underground car park, the proposal includes a new retail unit at the western end of the building accessed from the plaza.


November 2023 – Public exhibition

Winter 2023/24 – target for planning submission to the City of London

Early 2024 – demolition works commence

Spring 2024 – Target for determination by City of London’s Planning Committee

End of 2028 – Target for construction completion

View the presentation

Images and more details of the updated proposals can be viewed here or on the dedicated website.

Any comments can be made to:

Email – tenterhouse@londoncommunications.co.uk

Or telephone – 0800 092 0425

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