Task and Finish Group on the future of the carparks and the concierge service

Terms of Reference for the Task and Finish Group have been agreed as follows:

Terms of Reference for a joint Residents/City Officers Task and Finish Group on the future of the carparks and the concierge service


To seek ways of managing the Car Parks in a cost-effective manner whilst maintaining levels of service to residents



  • Current departmental proposal for Barbican Car Parks
  • Car Park costs and revenues
  • Provision of services provided currently by CPAs
  • Related security

Explore opportunities for reducing costs through technology.


  • Not more than ten in total.
  • Operationally focused
  • Residents with experience in finance, customer service, HR and general management
  • Officers involved in the management of the estate


  • Joint officer/resident


  • To BA/RCC chairs and Chief Officer/Executive Director Community & Children’s Services

Time scale

  • To start before end of August complete by end of September

Mike Cribb Deputy Chair of RCC will lead the residents team of 4 on the group


  1. You really ought to begin by learning residents’ views BEFORE entering into a negotiation with the BEO, emerging from which there is very likely to be some sort of agreement. Simply invoking Chairman’s prerogative does not seem to me to be the right approach. This is not how I ran such issues when I was Medical Director of the Royal London Hospital NHS Trust, or CMO of SwissRe, or Chairman of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, or Chair of various other international organisations. You cannot claim to be representative. Sorry!

  2. This BA missive only arrived today (27 August).
    I absolutely agree with Mike Swash. His senior and extensive experience of managing accountable bodies give his comments enormous weight.
    The views of residents have to be listened to and represented.

    1. Hello Jackie. The BA sends a regular email at the end of each month with (among other things) a roundup of the recent news that’s been shared on the website (we also send other ad-hoc emails for more pressing communications). That’s the email that was sent this morning (27th August) and it sounds like you have received it. Aside from following us on social media, if you want to make sure that you see news on the website as soon as it’s published, there’s now an option when you leave a comment on the site, to receive email notifications of new news posts by email. I hope that’s helpful.

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