September 2021 RTA Membership Size

This is the current RTA membership for September 2021. It is a little different from simple membership. Each flat can have more than one account (an off-site and an on-site), and each account can have multiple members.

Here we only concern ourselves with the number of flats that have at least one account. So, one person in a flat counts as one member flat. Likewise, two accounts with five people in each also counts as one member flat.

BlockFlatsMember FlatsPercentage
Andrewes House1929549%
Ben Jonson House2049748%
Blake Tower742939%
Brandon Mews261350%
Breton House1113935%
Bryer Court562545%
Bunyan Court693348%
Cromwell Tower1116861%
Defoe House17810358%
Frobisher Crescent694058%
Gilbert House885057%
John Trundle Court1335441%
Lambert Jones Mews8563%
Lauderdale Tower1177262%
Mountjoy House644164%
Seddon House754155%
Shakespeare Tower1157162%
Speed House1145447%
The Postern10660%
Thomas More House16610060%
Willoughby House1486745%

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