Planning update – 12 October 2021

Second application to install outside furniture on terrace at 1 London Wall withdrawn

We are pleased to note that the second, and slightly revised, application from 1 London Wall to install a pergola, furniture and lighting to the tenth-floor terrace has been withdrawn. This is the second time that the application has been withdrawn so we do not discount the prospect of a third being prepared. Obviously only time will tell…..but it is certainly welcome news for now.

2 London Wall Place apply to restrict the hours of use of the terrace

We are also pleased to advise that the owners of 2 London Wall Place, in their application for the change of use of the vacant first floor space from retail to office, have requested that the City impose a condition restricting the hours of use of the terrace to between 8am and 9.30pm, thus removing concerns over potential noise nuisance. Several objections had been lodged with the City citing concerns about use of the terrace at unsocial hours but following this updated application, these objections have now been withdrawn.    

Two temporary illuminated sculptures to be installed on Highwalk

A recent application has been submitted from 1 London Wall Place for the “installation and display of two illuminated sculptures on the Highwalk for a temporary period between 29th October 2021 and 30th January 2022”.

Click here to view how the two proposed pieces of lighting art, called Nest and Ivy Wall, will look in situ both during the day and at night-time. Given the distance from the residential blocks, it does not appear that they will cause any particular light pollution issues for any residents if anyone feels that it may be an issue they can comment here.  

Police stations to become hotels

The City landscape around us continues to undergo substantial change. The City recently approved plans for a new combined City of London Police headquarters and courts facility at Fleet Street. This has led to the decisions to close both the Wood Street and Snow Hill Police Stations and planning permission has now been granted for their conversion into hotels.

Snow Hill Police Station to become new Premier Inn

At the Planning & Transportation Committee meeting held on 21st September, plans “to transform the former Snow Hill Police Station into a ‘hub by Premier Inn’ hotel” were approved. This will be Whitbread’s third hub hotel in the City and is targeted to open in 2023/24.

Wood Street Police Station to become a luxury hotel

The conversion of Wood Street Police Station into a premium hotel was approved on 1st October 2021. The developer is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed Magnificent Hotel Investments Ltd. Questions have been asked as to what will happen to the stables and the cells – the answer is that the stables are to be converted into a restaurant and the cells into a whisky bar. Could be interesting!

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