The City’s Local Plan 2036

What is the City Plan 2036?

The new Local Plan, called City Plan 2036, is a plan for the future development of the City of London, setting out what type of development the City Corporation expects to take place and where. It sets out the City Corporation’s vision, strategy and objectives for planning up to 2036, together with policies that will guide future decisions on planning applications. Once adopted, the new Plan will replace the current City of London Local Plan which was adopted in January 2015.

Consultation period now ended

The City Corporation has carefully considered all the comments made in response to previous consultations on the City Plan 2036 and published the revised Draft Local Plan 2036 again for its final stage of consultation which ended on 10 May 2021.

All residents had the opportunity to respond and make comments on the Draft Local Plan 2036 during this consultation period.

The BA has responded and submitted its response to this latest consultation which can be read here

Whilst the consultation period is now over, the plan will go before a planning inspector later in the year before being adopted.