Moor Lane Greening Consultation – closes 31st December 2021

Consultations seem to be like buses at the moment. You wait ages for one and then two or three turn up at the same time. We have already reminded residents to participate if they can in the London Wall West consultation process which closes on 31st December.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind that the Corporations consultation on the proposed Environmental Enhancements to Moor Lane also closes on 31st December and we would urge residents to respond if they can. As always, numbers matter on any consultation. Moor Lane is close to us and important not only to those residents in its closest vicinity but also to all of us in terms of aesthetics, wellbeing, air quality, traffic and footfall management.

This is the residents’ chance to advocate for Moor Lane to be a wonderful green and quiet environment adjacent to our Estate.

Greening not bollards!

Residents may recall that the Moor Lane Greening scheme was approved way back in 2012 but was put on hold due to the development of the site at 21 Moorfields.

The earlier, agreed plan offered a wide pavement and an avenue of trees on the western side together with extensive planting to the north and south. It is therefore hugely disappointing to see that this long-awaited scheme has been abandoned to make way for 42 security bollards on the 21 Moorfields side of Moor Lane, with no greening, and a much reduced planting scheme overall. The current consultation also only shows one side of Moor Lane and does not extend the full length of the street – hence it does not show the true impact of the security bollards

The present consultation document also omits to say that the consultation is being carried out separate to any assessment of traffic flow and footfall which should surely an integral part of the whole scheme.

Summary and background notes

We would like this consultation to consist of a joined-up strategy with ambition and consideration for the future of Moor Lane as a quiet shared space and which takes landscaping, planning, highways and amenity factors into consideration in the round.  The gardens under London Wall Place are now maturing nicely.  We believe that there should be similar intent and ambition for greening on Moor Lane.

We attach some bullet points here which provide useful background and content for any consultation response. It also shows a schematic comparison of what was agreed and approved in the 2010/11 consultation and what is being proposed now.

We would remind that it is important that everyone writes a response in their own words as all similar responses will only count as one.

How to respond

  • On-line feedback can be completed here

It would also be very helpful to email feedback directly to the relevant City of London contacts: (Tom Noble, Group Manager – Business Development / Development Management, City Public Realm)  (Andrea Moravicova, Project Manager, City Public Realm)

The link to the City of London’s official consultation web page can be found here

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  1. It’s unfortunate that the bullet points don’t include the loss of the established pot garden. This was designed by three young trainee architects and installed by Friends of City Gardens’ volunteers. Perhaps more relevant to Barbican residents, it is actually within the estate boundary. It’s also in the Conservation Area.
    Whilst more street trees would be welcome, unless these are in planters, adequate depth and existing services seem to restrict direct planting in the footway.

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