Barbican Quarter Action Group. New Website

Barbican Quarter Action is the new campaign group set up to protect the Barbican Estate and its vicinity, including Golden Lane, St Paul’s, Smithfield, Farringdon  and Clerkenwell from inappropriate and ill-considered development by the City of London both now and in the future.

The current campaign is focused on the plans for Bastion House and the Museum of London site: Barbican Quarter Action is asking the City of London to rethink, reset and stop this unacceptable development.

To learn more and to find out how to join the campaign please visit the website which was launched today.


  1. Barbican is a site of national historic importance. I am shocked this set of extraordinary buildings are not listed and disappointed by the continued lack of respect given to Britain’s cultural heritage. Any decisions to deface or destroy Barbican is an act of cultural vandalism.

  2. This group purports to officially represent the views of Barbican residents, that is fundamentally not the case. This group of mature individuals has an anti change agenda and is not providing an unbiased view of the issues involved. Barbican residents should be represented by forward looking, open minded individuals who can see beyond the vested interests of a small number of voluble, time rich people anxious to protect the familiar status quo rather than embrace reality and face up to essential change.

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