Latest on the future of the car parks and concierges

Further to our request to Andrew Carter for a meeting to discuss the future of the Car Parks and Concierges we can confirm that:

  • A joint Task & Finish Group is being set up to seek ways of managing the Car Parks in a cost-effective manner whilst maintaining levels of service to residents. Once terms of reference for the T&F have been agreed we will share them on the website.
  • A meeting to discuss the wider ramifications of the City’s cost saving proposals will be convened between the Chairs and their Deputies of the BA and RCC with Andrew Carter and officers and will take place in early September to allow attendees to return from their holidays.

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  1. As residents I believe we need to accept that we cannot realistically expect the costs associated with employing staff in car parks across the estate to be met (or met substantially) from revenues from car owners. The staff in question play a vital role in maintaining security and managing anti-social behaviour across the Estate, as well as providing concierge style services the value of which have come into sharp focus during the Coronavirus pandemic. I would support the positions at risk being retained, on the understanding that residents must now assume an equitable share of staff costs via the annual service charge.

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