1-8 Long Lane – public exhibition

By way of background, back in June 2022 the BA and interested parties were invited to meet with the owners and architects involved with the site at 1-8 Long Lane. You may recall that the larger block of 1-12 Long Lane had already been granted planning permission for the demolition of the site and its replacement with a new office development.

However, the changing nature of working practices post the pandemic had led the owners to reconsider this proposal and they had come to the conclusion that the site at 1-8 Long Lane would be better converted into a boutique hotel. A meeting was held with interested members of the BA back in June 2022 where these proposals were put forward, with more detailed thoughts and proposals expected by the end of the year.

Public exhibition and consultation late September/early October 

Nothing had been heard since then….until recently when the developers reported that “These proposals for the creation of a new high-quality hotel providing approximately 125 guestrooms with enhanced levels of sustainability including an uplift in urban greening and vastly improved energy efficiency, would support the objectives of the culture mile and increase footfall in the area with long term employment opportunities and high-end amenity space”. 

Two public exhibitions will be taking place at the site

  • Thursday 28 September, 3pm – 7pm
  • Tuesday 3 October, 11am – 3pm

It is hoped that these consultations will provide everyone with the opportunity to see the proposals and provide any feedback.

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