Anti-social Behaviour


Anti-Social Behaviour Reporter

The Anti-Social Behaviour Reporter is an easy-to-use computer programme developed by the Barbican Estate Security Committee so that residents can record the type, location and number of asb incidents occurring across the estate. The link for this website is:

The data collected will be used to provide evidence to inform future decisions and policy changes both for residents and local enforcement agencies.

The success of this programme will depend entirely on the willingness of residents to use it.

It is important to note that, at this stage, the Anti-Social Behaviour Reporter will purely record incidents. If you witness an asb incident, please use the website to record the event but if immediate action is also required then you should follow normal procedure i.e. call City of London Police on 101 (or 999 but only if URGENT); Barbican Estate Office on 020 7029 3958; City Noise Team on 020 7606 3030 etc…

Any non computer-savvy person should report asb incidents via their Concierge (CPA or Lobby Porter), who will then feed the information to our website.

Summaries of the collected data – without any personal information – will be featured regularly on this, the BA Website; the link for which is:

Prohibition signs

The Barbican Estate Security Committee has been involved with new prohibition signs in support of the byelaws including ”no parkour”.

We have also been involved in advising on the proposed locations for where these signs will be displayed and are currently waiting to hear back from the Corporation’s Project Manager as to when listed building consent has been granted enabling installation of the signs to proceed.


  1. Please add bike riding, skate boarding, roller blading etc on the Podium to those existing prohibitions currently unenforced

    Wallside resident

  2. These prohibited activities are already included Russell in the new signs. The Corporation has been incredibly slow in progressing these signs but they have now been published by the Planning Department and, hopefully, we should receive consent by 18 June.

  3. 40 minutes noisy skateboarding by a solitary boarder from 1.10pm to 1.50pm on the podium below Ben Jonson immediately to the west of the “yellow shed” today (1/7), crashing down the steps over and over again. Not just the damage to podium tiling but the very disruptive noise of the boards crashing to the ground. Even the most competent boarders seem incapable of staying on their boards for more than about 5 seconds so what the appeal is I shall never understand!

  4. I consider a gathering of people and an extremely loud comedian with loud speakers very antisocial on a Sunday evening. The gathering was under Mountjoy and I can hear them clearly from Gilbert House. It was intrusive, unnecessary and not at all acceptable. I hope this is followed up and that further noise levels are kept under control in the future.

  5. Could we please put signs that skateboarding is banned? persistant skateboarders around Beech garden whenever the weather is decent.

  6. Three lads noisily skateboarding around the podium and shouting after midnight In front of Bunyan Court / back of Defoe house until a resident went out to move them on.

    If podium were gated, it would solve all of these antisocial problems.

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