Antisocial Behaviour


The two most important projects with which BESC members have recently been engaged are:

ASB Reporter

Devising an easy-to-use resident-friendly computer programme which will enable Barbican residents to record antisocial behaviour incidents occurring across the estate and thereby provideevidence in support of increasing the current byelaw fines which are woefully inadequate and outdated particularly in terms of the financial penalties.

The ASB Reporter system is has been tested by House Group Chairs and their comments/suggestions are currently being

collated and will be analysed by BESC members who will then present recommendations to the BAGC prior to launching across the estate to all residents.

Prohibition signs

Helping to evolve new prohibition signs in support of the byelaws including ”no parkour”.

We have also been involved in advising on the proposed locations for where these signs will be displayed and are currently waiting to hear back from the Corporation’s Project Manager as to when listed building consent has been granted enabling installation of the signs to proceed.

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