Barbican Estate Security Committee

The Barbican Estate Security Committee (‘BESC’) is a long standing subcommittee of the Barbican Association (‘BA’) and reports to the BA’s General Council.

Terms of reference

“To monitor, discuss and respond to actual or potential security risks and crime in and around the Barbican Estate, to participate fully in available City Forums and resources dealing with security and crime in the City and to offer comments, suggestions and proposals concerning the better detection and reduction of crime and the enhancement of security for residents.”

BESC members comprise Barbican residents – representative of the different types of apartment across the estate – Police Officers of the City of London Police Force and members of Barbican Estate Management.

Useful Police Contact Numbers

City of London Police Switchboard
Crime reporting020 7601 2222
Emergencies (landline)999
Emergencies (mobile)112
Anti-Terrorist Hotline0800 789 321
Action Fraud Team0300 123 2040

Numbers to call in the event of a disturbance

City Noise Team020 7606 3030
TFL underground0343 222 1234 (option 6) 08.00 – 20.00
Crossrail0345 602 3813

General Enquiries

BESC Chairman David Bradshaw020 7638 3005
BEO Car Park & Security Manager Barry Ashton020 7029 3953