Underfloor Heating: What does “unbiased “and“ adjusted” mean?

For the heating season October 2020 to April 2021, after an estate-wide survey, it was agreed that the temperature profiles that determine when the underfloor heating is turned on be adjusted, so that we get about 20 hours of additional heat in each of April and October and about 20 hours less heat in each of January and February. This is a trial for one heating season, and it’s underway right now.

  • Unbiased is the number of minutes of heating, which we would have got without the trial.
  • Adjusted is the number of minutes of heating, which we get during the trial.

In March the heating is not affected by the trial so the numbers are the same.


  1. Interesting! This raises several pertinent issues: first, everyone who says the heating is never turned off is not telling the truth. Second, it isn’t just that I’m 74 years old and can’t cope with the cold like I used to. It’s that the number of minutes of the heating being on has been reduced even for October even while they have supposedly been increased. Which will make the next months, when the temperatures outside are even lower, even colder. And third, this is not the first time you have tried this useless experiment, it is the second time. You did it last winter too. What was the “vote” for and against this time, by the way? As if being in the minority in this case was a good excuse to make us cold. What you learned last year is what you are going to learn again this year — some people will be colder and others won’t mind, depending on the flat they occupy. Face it, you can’t resolve the problem because it costs money. So you should stop pretending you’re doing something to help those of us who have said it’s too cold whether you add two hours here and take them away there or not. I shall be making a daily record of when the heat is on and off in my flat to share. I can tell you now, though, it used to be on and off every four hours. But it has NOT BEEN ON from about 10pm until about 6am ANY NIGHT SINCE 1ST OCTOBER.

  2. This year is the coldest I can remember in our flat, with a domed roof on the top of a terrace block. We wear more indoors than out and sit together under a blanket! In 42 years this is the coldest we have been in our flat at this time of the year. Whatever the new arrangement with the heating it has not benefitted us. Please explain why and what benefit is there in having heating in April and May rather then January and February?

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