Underfloor Heating? Fit for purpose

You’ve probably come here from the BarbicanLife article. Please leave your contribution in the comment box below.


  1. I think it would generate savings if residents could control their heating individually as each flat has different requirements depending on which way they face and how high up in a building etc

  2. Ideally we’d be able to alter the usage of the different heating pads / heating electrical circuits within a flat. For instance my bedroom is often too hot to sleep in. However my living room is usually ok.

    The other issue is I see coming up is that we’re charged based on the sq. ft of a flat, not the actual usage of each flat. So today if I were to get the heating trimmed to 50%, my actual bill reduction would be negligible as my saving is distributed amongst all the flats in the block. How will this work when people can turn on their heating outside the base-load hours as per the Barbican talk article’s suggestion?

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